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website picture1Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies

   Social studies in the 8th grade covers American history from the events leading to the writing of the Constitution in the 1780s  to the end of the Progressive Period in the early 1900s. In the context of studying American history we will study the U.S. government system on the national, state, and local level.  We will also study economics, current events, and review Kansas history. 

During the year there will be several projects that will  that may require some preparation time out side of class. In the fall students will complete a project demonstrating their knowledge of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  Later in the year students will use technology to create a diary from the standpoint of someone traveling on thewebsite picture2 Oregon Trail in the 1840s.  In the spring students will demonstrate their knowledge of the Civil War by creating a classroom presentation. 

My grades are based on total points earned per 9 weeks.

I can be reached during my personal plan period-- 2nd hr. -- from 8:32-9:20.

My email address is

The online textbook can be opened at  your username is your first initial plus last name and 08 (example: rchilds08).  The password is the same for everyone.  tigers17





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