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Wrestling Info Sheet



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Practice expectations

  1. Practice starts at 3:05 and ends at 5:00 daily
  2. Wrestlers will be out the door by 5:10 every day, we expect transportation to ready at that time.
  3. All student must have a current physical on file with the office.
  4. T-Shirt, shorts, wrestling shoes, and head gear are needed.
  5. Practice clothes must be clean/gear must be washed daily.
  6. Wrestlers need to be well conditioned physically and mentally, missed practices will be made up.

Team Rules

  1. Be prepared, get to practice on time and have all gear ready to go.
  2. Do the right thing and what is asked of you.
  3. Good sportsmanship will be used at all times.
  4. Challenge matches are for all competitions that week and will be every Monday, wrestler must be with-in 3 pounds of the weight they are challenging for. Once on varsity the challenger must win 2 matches in a row to earn the spot.
  5. Sports are an extension of school so all school polices will be enforced.
  6. All Eisenhower wrestlers are representatives of the school and the community. Each athlete is responsible for complying with all academic and athletic policies set forth by Eisenhower middle school and the Goddard School District.

Duels and Tournaments

  1. School provides warm-ups and singlets.
  2. Wrestling shoes and Head gear are required athletes need purchase their own. (black head gear)
  3. Knee pads are optional.
  4. Athletes are responsible for school issued gear, treat it with respect and don’t leave it unattended.
  5. Bring sack lunch or money as needed.
  6.  Middle school wrestling weight classes differ from high school and kids club, a wrestler must weigh right at the weight wrestled or under it to be allowed to wrestle in that class.
  7. All weigh-ins at the middle school are conducted after practice the day before competition. Weight classes are: 80,85,90,95,100,105,110,115,120,127,134,141,148,155,165,180,215 and 265

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