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K.A.R. 28-1-20 defines immunizations required for any student who attends a public school.  An education link is provided here, which defines standards, including new requirements.


If your child has received immunizations in the past year, please send a copy of their records to the school.  The records may be hand-delivered to the office, may be faxed to the school at 316-794-4063, or may be scanned and emailed as an attachment to the nurse at 


Due to the school year starting late in 2020 – October 20th is the mandated exclusion date for students in our district who are not in compliance with Kansas state requirements for immunizations for the 2020-21 school year.  The School Nurse will be notifying you by email, then mail, then phone call, if this affects your student.  Missing immunizations must be brought up-to-date by October 20th or your student will be excluded from school until the immunizations are complete/in compliance. You will be called to pick your student up from school on October 20th if they do not have records documenting necessary immunizations turned in to the School Nurse by that date.  


New as of the 2019-2020 School Year:  All incoming 7th grade students are now required to have a meningococcal immunization, an MCV4, in addtion to the required TdaP immunization.  The state began requiring meningitis (MCV4) immunization for incoming 7th graders on 08/01/2019.  7th grade students must have records of both the MCV4 and TdaP immunizations in order to be compliant with state requirements. 


Please remember – Current guidelines for the varicella immunization dictate a physician’s signature is needed to verify a student has had the chicken pox.  Parental signature is no longer sufficient.


Please contact the School Nurse with any questions, via email at, or phone, 316-794-4113.