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Circle of Friends

                 2017-2018 Circle of Friends                               



The Circle of Friends program at EMS was recognized as

2014 Program of the Year

from 45 different programs in the Sedgwick surrounding area-2014.

 Arc of Sedgwick County
2919 W. Second St.
Wichita, KS 67203

The Arc of Sedgwick County is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for thousands of local individuals and families living with developmental disabilities. Through its seven major initiatives and hundreds of special programs the group provides educational and social opportunities to enhance development of individual potential while advocating for support and services in the community.



                                                    REACH OUT, MIX IT UP, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Circle of Friends is a program that helps students with differences become more connected to their peers and included in the school community.  COF provides the opportunity for students to learn, practice and improve social/conversation skills, problem solving strategies, and to build self-esteem, which leads to a more successful adult life.   COF pairs up students with positive peer role models/mentors and develops a support network at school.  COF buddies also serve as a light for helping ALL students in the school feel valued and connected to the student/school community.  It develops valuable friendships and benefits all who are involved. 

Students are selected thru an application and interview process in the fall school year.  COF members participate in a variety of monthly activities both at school and within the community.   Students are also encouraged to have lunch together and to have contact outside of school hours, via phone calls, etc.  With the spirit of kindness and mutual respect, as the students get to know one another and begin to appreciate each others strengths,  the seeds of friendship are planted and good things grow.     

For more information on Circle of Friends at EMS, please contact the co-sponsors,

Ms. Ferris ( ) or

Mrs. Spencer ( )